As a small yet fast growing fund in China, we are planning to invest in US. However, we found the evaluation, communication and management on target assets and business is far more difficult then we expected. We do need a hand.
— Mr. Eric X Jiang, a Private Fund in Beijing CHINA
We are a small but innovative company, we do need some one to help us sell products in US while keeping the HR cost efficient and management very simple.
— Mr.Alex Chang, Alexi Electronics, Shenzhen CHINA
Current graphics design cost for a small printing house like us is too high to bear, we want some better outsourcing solution, cost efficient and risk free.
— Mr.Thomas W. Hector, PostalAnnex+, San Jose, USA

More than 50% off from our traditional staffing model. It just works!
— Ms.Jun Li, Everest Internationl, Hong Kong

We help clients in different fields with specific solutions ready to go. Here is more details.

  • Teams are based in Silicon Valley in California, United States and Zhong Guan Cun in Beijing, China.

  • The major staffs in our talent pool are focusing on these functions: Project Management, Financial Analysis, Marketing & Sales, Product Management, Graphic Design, Supply Chain Management, Customer Service, Software Development and Research & Coordination.

Here is more details.

Our partners are located in USA and China, providing one-stop solution together with UniServe. We are looking forward to cooperate with more partners who is also serving global Small and Medium Business. 

Here is more details.